today, love yourself first

One of our community members once told us that her work with The Kit helped her feel like a woman again. That got us thinking - how else can we help women get in touch with themselves?  

We put together a care package with The Kit and some extra tools to help you take care of yourself, body and soul. Read on to see what’s inside (and who inspired it all). 

Original retail price $195,

now available for $185.

prioritizing myself is a pleasure

Each Affirmations Bundle includes one white jade gua sha, a set of two removable mirror decals with positive self-affirmations, and (of course) the Tabu Kit.

Original retail price $195,

available for $185.

the gua sha

Every woman should have the opportunity to indulge in simple, luxurious healing practices.

Self massage with gua sha is a beautiful way to relieve tension, improve circulation, and even help address hot flashes, sleep issues, and mood changes, according to a recent study by Chinese researchers.

the affirmations

Inspired by the thoughtful affirmations adorning Mama Ouhoud's bathroom mirror (more on that below), we wanted to create a couple of loving reminders for every woman, every day. 

Daily affirmations can help build self confidence, self esteem, and self love.

Our Affirmations Bundle includes two daily messages: "Today, love yourself first" and "prioritizing myself is a pleasure".

the kit

Featuring a lightweight, discreet massager and organic, water-based lubricant, The Kit is designed to help you confidently kick off and maintain a wellness routine. 

When you're able to love and build that relationship with yourself, the physical and emotional benefits can be life changing.

a note from our founder

I walked into my mom’s bathroom a couple of months ago and found these sticky notes with sweet messages around her mirror. Apparently they were part of a gift from her best girlfriend, and mama decided she wanted to look at them every morning. Reading them made me happy (and thankful my mom has such cool friends), and I realized that every woman deserved to be reminded how incredible they are, every single day.

Inspired by that feeling, we at Tabu decided to create a care package to share that joy with all the women in our community.

We hope you love it.